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    Raleigh Laurentian

    I have a bike here--Raleigh Laurentian--it's a Raleigh 3-speed, looking remarkably similar to the late-60s Raleigh Sports or Raleigh Sprite. From what I can see, the difference between Sports and Sprite is the thickness of the frame tubing (Sports is thicker), so the Laurentian seems closer to Sports.

    No one seems to have heard of the Raleigh Laurentian! Can someone enlighten me?

    The date on the Sturmey-Archer 3-speed is 66 9. (Sept 1966).

    The main stem has the Raleigh Nottingham England crane, so I'm assuming it's Made in England. I bought this bike in Canada and for all I know, it has been in Canada since it left the Raleigh production factory.

    The bar that has Laurentian written on it also has a graphic of Mountains looming over a lake.

    Has anyone seen this type of Raleigh before?

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    There was a thread on this model over the summer:

    Driving me crazy...need help identifying Raleigh 3-speed!

    Seems that it was made for the Canadian market (hence, the graphic and model name).


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