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    Need help with this mixte!! Can you help???

    Got this one some timeback, dumpsterfind. Already has got a light mixte, that is my "road bike". This one I want to go far (not just around the house) but some times loaded or pulling a trailer. Much like a tourer or light tourer in gears and setup.

    I`we got many bikes and want to cut back. Want them all to be different and in good working condition as an excuse to keep them..

    This is a 1981 Gitane. Not a high end bike, but I like it alot. I often take my bikes on the car rack and go places to ride and the mixte is perfect for that, great shape.

    At the moment there is homemade "bullhorns on it.

    Gearing was too high for my riding style and this area, and the hole cranc was steel, so I ditched it for weight and a better gearing.

    This means a new front shifter

    Three ranc wheels also means longer chain, so that means a new rear shifter. These two do not want to "play" with the stem mounted gearshifters, and I am not sure about the chain..

    Now I am not sure. Paint is not nice (lots of chips) so I`ll repaint if I keep it. Really no need to keep the old parts I guess.

    Only thing is i like the stem shifters since that makes it easy to play around with different bars until I made my mind up.

    I want this bike on the road and I want it out of my livingroom. Can you help? I`we got plenty of parts lying around and do all the work myself but I am not sure what to do,

    Shops around here just sell bukes and can not answer my questions Can you help?
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