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Thread: 'cruisers'

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    Seems like every day on Craigslist here in Chicago, I see numerous ads for bikes listed as 'cruisers.' But when I look at the actual ads, I notice that most of them are bikes of the English 3-speed persuasion or Schwinn road bikes with upright handlebars, pretty much all geared bikes with 27" wheels. I thought cruisers had big balloon tires and coaster brakes like my old Schwinn ballooner? Did I miss the memo?

    Is this just a marketing buzzword, or do these upright handlebar roadbikes fall into the cruiser category?


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    Cruiser is a generic term used for any bicycle with upright handlebars by people who don't really know any better. Most people know you have road bikes (drop bars, skinny tires), mountain bikes (flat bars, big knobby tires), and cruisers (oldie type bicycles with upright bars). I think it's just a measure of someone not being familiar with the different types of old bikes.

    I don't use the word "cruiser" much any more because of just what you described-- it really seems to mean anything with an old look and upright bars. It fails to discriminate any more between ballooners, middle weights, and 3 speeds.
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