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    Velo Sport in Brazil - someone knows this model?

    Hello friends ...

    I am a novice in this forum and I am very happy to be participating here.

    I live in Brazil and has always enjoyed cycling.
    In 1995, when I started to enjoy cycling, all the bicycles were assembled piece by piece, because very expensive.
    A friend succeeded in the port of Santos, this frame that is in the photos below.
    I already repaint it (I made stupid), but originally it was the color dark red metallic.

    Came the following stickers on it:

    Made in Canada 1984

    And a special label:
    TUBE / Tubing
    SUPER tensile
    Velo Sport Inc.
    Someone who knows this model is in the pictures?
    I am seeking more information on the make, model, year,
    anything that might help me identify the details.

    If someone can send photos of the bicycles with the original stickers,
    because I would like to restore it to its originality.

    Thank you all!

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