Hello all,

I recently found a Motobecane Nomade frame and wheels laying on the side of the road, and thought it would be fun to convert her to a single speed. The bottom bracket is in good shape, as is the head bracket or whatever you call it. Only things she is missing are pedals, seat post/seat, brakes, and a left crank arm. It has a cottered crank, so I think it might be a pain to find a matching crank arm that fits.

I think removing the crank arm on there will prove difficult seeing as the bolt holding it in place has been sheared off and bent to one side. Any advice on converting this bike to a single speed and any necessary repairs? Also, anyone know what size seat post fits these old bikes?

Wondering whether I should attempt to conversion, sell it, or put it back on the side of the road. All feed back is greatly appreciated. Thanks :-) Check out pics in the link below: