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    Motobecane Mixte Madness

    Well, I guess it's not all that mad at all.... But I did get a new Motobecane Mixte and I was hoping for some help it.

    Frame side shot.
    Down tube.
    Head tube/ Head badge.
    Rear Derailleur/ Drop Out.
    Fork/ Front Wheel.
    Seat Tube.
    Cranks/ Front derailleur.

    So there she is. My grandpa bought it new for my grandma then my sister got it, and then I did. I don't think my grandma rode it much and I don't think my sister rode it ever. It's in incredible shape except for a few chips here and there but that's a little to be expected.
    I was looking at for the Motobecane catalogs and they only go back to '74. Which this isn't--based on those catalogs.
    In the Huret '71 catalog there was an instructional on how to set up this derailleur. That link is here.
    You can click on the pic for a better view but it's pretty obvious it's the Alivit.
    So I guess it's a '71? Any help would be appreciated/ I guess that's all I'm asking. Is there any more info I could figure out with the serial number?

    You guys are all awesome at decoding this info. This is my first real post in the C&V forum as I haven't had anything C&V to restore yet. But here she is. She won't need much but she'll ride smooth.

    Thanks for all and any help!
    p.s. I can also give a pretty comprehensive parts list if you need it/are interested.
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    That's almost certain an early 70's. I don't know enough about Moto's to narrow it down beyond that. Should make for a good first project.
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