OK, I posted my catch of the day, a rusty, tired, and split frame Kona Cinder Cone. Didn't look too impressive. It was surely one of the most underwhelming catches for sure. But for $5, I needed the parts to finish a '94 Trek 950 (blue) for my wife, to match my '92 Trek 950 (the black bike).

I needed the wheels, cassette and rear derailleur from the Kona. I had to treat the cassette with oxalic, as well as the cage of the derailleur. They cleaned up pretty well. The red on the cage of the RD is the grease I use....

I still have other parts left over, some are going to a Giant I am working on, others into the parts bin (headset, crankset and bb, fork, shifters, and brakes). So far, I am up to $45 in the Trek, and should recoup part of that with the remaining Kona parts.

If my wife likes this bike, I will probably disassemble, and touch up the frame.