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    Campagnolo Pista BB Questions

    I have an old Italian track frame for which I'd like to install a Campy pista bottom bracket. While the frame is circa 1950's, I will be using some 70's Nuovo Record bits, such as headset, bottom bracket, hubs and drivetrain.
    I have some Italian threaded "thin walled" Nuovo Record cups.
    Where the "strada" and "pista" versions identical? Am I correct in thinking that the only difference the bottom brackets of the era was the spindle? Same size bearings?
    Assuming that is, in fact, the case I ought to be able to use a 70-P-120 spindle and be on my way, right? Were these always the same length? 109mm? Or should I be looking for something more specific?

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    your assumptions are correct. AFAIK there was just super record and record pista groups so there is no such thing as a nuovo record pista spindle AFAIK. And there should be no difference between strada and pista cups.
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