So I was on Ebay looking around (as usual,) and typed in my usual search: "Univega."

Same stuff, same stuff. A $275 frame worth half that, at least, some deraileur mounts, a really nice blue Super Special for $1700... The same few items that'd been floating around, until, out of the blue-

Cage pedals! Univega cage pedals! In a few colors.
They disappeared less than a day later. Must've been popular, I figure.

I ride a Univega and love the bikes, the brand- I dunno. They're the underapprecieated underdog, and I'm diggin' that, so I love my bike and take great care of it.

The pedals looked cool, and I've been thinking lately of getting cage pedals.

My main question is this:
Compared to platforms, are cage pedals really that much better?
And, how to they compare to the new "clip" pedals? I don't think I'd put these clip pedals on my old bicycle, unless they had some distinctly real advantage to them.

Second: Does anyone have a set of these Univega cage pedals they could attest for?
Those ones are gone but I'm in the market for some now, so let me know if they're absolute junk or what.

Or... you could always just dump them here. One man's trash is another man's treasure.
One man's treasure is another man's oppurtunity for profit!


Seriously, though. How about cage pedals?