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    Freewheel Threads?

    I searched Sheldon Brown's info but I could not find the answer to my question:

    Are Italain and English threaded freewheels/hubs compatible?

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    They are virtually the same diameter and the same TPI, the difference lies in the actual *angle* of the individual thread. So the rule of thumb is to always use the same combination once and forever. For example: you put an English [AKA BSC or ISO] threaded FW on an Italian threaded hub, you always replace that FW with one of the same threading, never with an Italian threaded FW. The reason is that the softer aluminum threads on the hub shell will be slightly re-formed by the harder steel threads on the FW, if you use the different thread afterward the aluminum will not hold up to being re-formed back again and likely will strip: your hub will be toast.

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    unworthy1's post concurs with my understanding of the English-Italian freewheel thread issue.
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    If you really searched Sheldon, you would have found that he says it's perfectly fine to use an English freewheel on Italian, and vice-versa; but he recommends not switching back and forth, presumably because it does mung up the threads a bit.

    I thought you kids were supposed to be good at finding stuff on the Internet.

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