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    Sand Blasting the old steel

    Can anyone tell me if they have ever sand blasted (ie with some soft media) a bike frame at home and what kind of rig you used? I have a bunch of so-so frames that need repainted. I have a good compressor/paint set up, and I'm now looking into paint removal. I have used chemical strippers in the past on "nice" frames, but I am looking for something a little more fun.

    Give me the details if you have them!

    I am cheap too.

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    Have someone do it for you. You will be happier and be healthier if you do. You need a large air compressor that gives out large amounts of air at high pressures. You also need a hood ventilation system to avoid lung damage. You can probably get started for $1000+. Roger
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    rhenning speaks the truth, but just to throw in a little sordid tale: I have used a portable hand-held blaster unit (designed for spot blasting of rusted car panels) and just blasted away in the great outdoors. It should be noted that I was doing this on a registered Super-Fund site, so I didn't feel much guilt about the small bits of paint and large amounts of aluminum oxide I was adding to the dirt, but it's not something I'd ever do in another setting. I had used chemical stripper on the big areas and wanted to speed up the removal around the fancy lugs and only worked so-so. Cheap spot blasters are available from Harbor freight Tools and other purveyors of "quality Chinese merchandise".YRMV

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    I tried the hand-held hopper job from Harbor Fright. It works fine on old John Deeres. Not so much on bikes.
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