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    One Owner Schwinn World Tour

    I decided to get back into riding again after a long break and an attempt at riding satisfaction on a Mountain Bike. I have a 1984 Schwinn World Tour that feels like an old pair of shoes - a very heavy pair of old shoes.

    Most everything is original and will be saved in case there's ever a reason to put it all back on.

    Here are the changes I have planned so far in my quest to get the bike to a more reasonable 24 pounds (it's 30 right now):

    The suicide shifters are going to be changed out to a nice set of Shimano 600 on the DT.
    The original handlebars are going to be replaced (saving over 500g right there)
    New 700c rims (maybe 32 spoke, maybe 36) and new clincher tires (saving about 800g)
    I'm going to try and work with the recently scavanged Dia-Compe quick release brakes.
    Vintage handlebar breaks
    New seat

    I'm thinking about taking it from a 6 speed to a 7 cartridge. If I do this I will get a hold of either some NOS high end Shimano. I plan on keeping it friction.

    I have a sweet looking chrome fork from a 10 speed Miyata that I might try and mate to the bike or perhaps look at some lighter cro-molly fork.

    The other weak area of the bike might be the old Sugino cranks but I'm not sure. The bottom bracket is original so it might be wise to replace.

    I started removing parts last night and hope to finish it in the next couple of weeks.

    Any feedback?

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    I just converted a world to a fixie last week. It's a fun bike but the frame is too small for me Also the BB feels spongy I would replace it if I were gonna keep it. The BB, modified bars, front break caliper/lever and frame are the only original thing on it. I found the frame in an old rotten down barn in my back yard. It's red with a cool looking red Schwinn head badge. Those handlebar breaks are xtra weight too. I took it off of the front break lever that I use on the fixie. Have fun...

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