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    Cilo winter project; Pictures and questions

    Originally I had planned on restoring the infamous original "drew" bike (Tommasini) but couldn't find a local frame builder who wanted to take on the challenge. So I tried to steal some frames on ebay but kept getting outbid. Eventually I wound up with this Cilo for $104 which I thought was reasonable for a SLX bike.

    I also horse traded into a nearly complete nuovo record group with the help of Luker, thanks. After scrounging for the rest of my needed parts, I believe the only non NR part I need is a 26.6 seat post. I cruised Velobase and never rally found my answer, was there ever an aero version of the NR brake levers? I prefer the aero look and have a set of C-record aero levers I had planned on using but will continue to search if my mythical beast exists?

    This will also be my first excursion with tubular tires. I am torn between the Tufo S22's and the cheaper yellow Jersey deal (3 for $50). Bottom line, which is a better tire? Ill probably go for the YJ ones because they will look correct and are cheaper.

    And with out further ado, pictures:

    Edit: whoops just saw the other "update winter project" thread, my mistake...
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    The only Cilo's I've seen had Dura Ace or Shimano 600 components. The one I rebuilt was a red model like that one, with Dura Ace indexed 2x6.

    I see you've got the NR stuff on there, and that's pretty cool. I stripped the decals off the fork and only left them on the down tubes. A nice riding bike. I don't know if NR came in aero. I've not seen any. My seat tube was an aero Shimano DA ax

    Good luck with your build.

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