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    Pricing Shimano 105 9-spd components for "retro-mod" project?

    Maybe you guys can help. I want to sell these components and can't seem to figure an appropriate price. $125 is what I've come up with - which is less than what I had actually paid on sale for the STI shifters alone. Shipping via Priority mail anywhere in the US would be an additional $10 for a total of $135.

    Seems to me like a good deal for easily upgrading an older project bike or frameset. Just add a wheelset... a rear derailleur... wire it up and you're immediately good to go!

    Maybe I'm totally out of touch with the costs of modern components, so please do let me know your opinion. ... and of course if you're interested in these, for your own project just PM me right away.

    Here is the story on these:

    These components were all bought up individually by me to be used as a matching set. I wanted to gather THESE components specifically because the blue and yellow decals (paint?) would easily remove whereas the later model with black lettering would be difficult to make "anonymous" which I honestly prefer on an earlier bike... uh, ... make that on ANY bike [since it's not a NASCAR racing car, and I'm certainly not sponsored by Shimano to advertise their products].

    These were briefly mounted on a 1980s bike which I'd ridden for only around 500 miles. Then the frameset was sold alone to a friend who wanted to build it up with his own Campy set and these went back into storage... awaiting another future "retro-mod" build-up. There they've sat ever since. I haven't even cleaned off some of the grease or road dust, but they're really all in Very Good to Excellent condition, with very low total miles.

    The 105 components weighing only a few grams more than the Ultegra or Dura-Ace groups are the real bargain work-horses of Shimano's line. Personally, I would never consider buying anything in a higher priced group while these are available. If anything, the VERY slight weight difference translates as a few small steel or alloy parts rather than lighter weight plastic + alloy simply used on other components for nonsense weight savings.

    These are better quality level than the Tiagra components, and innovations usually trickle down to this group around 2 years after they are debuted on the top-end Dura-Ace component group. I believe these got a cosmetic change to the black decal version after 2003. Otherwise they remained unchanged until the latest 10-speed series was introduced.

    The nice thing about 9-speed components is the easy availability of MANY different 9-speed cassettes. So, you can even use Shimano MTB cassettes with very large cogs to ease you up those steep climbs and without having to change anything other than your choice of rear derailleur. And the cassettes will fit on any Shimano 8 or 9 or 10 speed hubs so you have a wide choice of available wheels too.

    Click this link for individual shots of each of the components which can be enlarged to 1280 wide.

    Thanks for taking the time. Would appreciate any comments. Or even a purchase... before these head over to eBay.

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    You'd get more on eBay parting them out, likely close to $200.
    Brifters $100
    FD $20-$30 if it's 28.6
    Brakes $40-$50
    Crank set $50-$55, more if you include the bottom bracket.
    (a lot of people stay away from the cranks because of the bb issue)

    If you had the RD to match, you could sell the whole group for $200.
    I'll give you the $125 plus $10, but I think you can get more.

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