I've been trying to get a decent deal on some Dura Ace BL-7402 levers in good shape for a while now. Just won a NOS set for $113 shipped on the Bay. Sounds kinda high, but not bad from what I've seen. I've been waiting on these to get my Denti put back together(it had full DA except someone switched the levers to RSX100 at some point). So, I'm taking the frame in to my buddy at True Fabrication to check it for true and then I get to build my favorite bike of all time up again. All I lack are some nice silver anodized 32 hole tubulars to build up the wheels(old Ambrosios were done)I've already got some Sampam spokes waiting in the wings. Anyone have something that might work? I've got some Weinmann concaves with Campy hubs I'm going to use as fill ins until I get the wheels together. If it turns out nice I will finally get a pic up! I'm so stoked to get this one back on the road. It really needs the Cyclart treatment, but doesn't look too bad, so I opted to wait until later to send it in and put that money towards the LHT I've been wanting for a while now.