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    Bridgestone cantilever brakes

    Hi I'm a newbie looking to not reinvent the wheel and would appreciate your input.

    I'm cleaning up/upgrading a 1983 Bridgestone Antares LDT touring bike which has 27 in wheels. Decent componetry but stock Dia Compe Canti's are verrrrrry primitive and want to replace (will keep originals in box) with some of the best Canti's of approx. vintage (1983-88). I have the original dia compe brake levers, but have upgraded to a Shimano 600 road lever of approximate vintage.

    I have some Shimano BRM 730's (from Mt. Bike) can these be adapted to work with narrow 1 1/4 in rims, and Shimano 600 levers?

    What did the Miyata 1000's of this period use for make model Canti brakes?

    What make/model of canti's would you recommend for this project?

    I know V-brakes are generally better, but want to stay closer to original vintage and use canti's.

    Suggestions welcome.
    Thanks in advance!!

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    I really like the Shimano BR-MC70 "deer head" group canti brake, which was introduced in 1983. I have a couple of bikes with those brakes, and they have enough adjustability to convert a 27" wheeled bike to 700c.


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    If you can afford them, Paul Neo Retro front and Paul Touring Canti rear.

    Linear pull brakes are too ugly to put on a nice bike, IMO.

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