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    Need info on Derycke -- NO PHOTOS

    Stopped in at my LBS tonight to chat. They had a Derycke bicycle in the repair stand that caught my eye. Unfortunately, I did not have a camera, but I was able to take some notes. Can anyone provide any information on Derycke bicycles? This is what I could discern.

    Frame: Reynolds 531 stickers on downtube and fork blades, lugs at the top and bottom of head tube, but DT-to-HT, TT-to-HT and BB joints were fillet brazed. Brazed-on cable guides all over the place, brazed-on rear rack and fender mounts, several other tabs brazed on as well. Number "292" stamped on rear of fork crown. Forged Zeus front dropouts (yes, Zeus - Spanish, I know), rear drops were no-name stamped metal.

    Frame and fork had heavily patina-ed black paint with wonderful gold pinstripes outlining.

    "1163 CH DE WATERLOO BRUSSELLES" on downtube.

    Wheels: rear hub SA 3-speed dated 66-11. Front hub "Boston". Rims aluminum Weinmann.

    CURANA mudgards front and rear

    Bars and stem: Douglas

    Brakes: MAFAC Dural forge

    Crank: EAPILUX or FAPILUX, Belro Depsey chain guard

    I'm guessing it was made in Brussels in about 1966 but has anyone every heard of Derycke bicycles?

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    That is a very unique sounding bike.

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