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    Any way to help a naugahyde saddle cover?

    So that Nishiki that I got came with an "Acera touring" saddle. The covering is naugahyde, but it is quite possibly THE most comfortable saddle I think I've EVER been on. That being said, is there a way to help out naugahyde? It's got "micro cracks" on the surface, and is drying out a bit. Shoe polish? Oil?
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    First of all it might help to know a little about the origins of your saddle cover.

    Wild Hairless Naugha
    Native to the mountainous regions of Upper-Lower Slobovia. Imported and released into various sections of California (largely unsuccessful attempt at natural pest eradication) in the mid nineteenth century.
    The Naugha is a habitat specialist and thrives only in the pristine Old-Growth Bluewood forests of Upper-Lower Slobovia, specifically in the Naugha Mountain Range. It requires small year-round streams of less than one foot width, and one inch depth, with browse plants nearby such as tender succulent grasses.
    The Naugha is a harmless mammal of the genus Naugha. There is only one species in this genus, and little is known of it’s natural life cycle and mating habits. The Naugha is a small creature that resembles a cross between a turtle, a musk ox, and a weasel, but with a small prehensile trunk, no hair, webbed feet and unique-among-mammals three toes. The wild species will reach a height of several inches at maturity. Wild native Naugha has a bright red skin color which stands out in the green areas of it’s natural environment. Due to its lack of natural camouflage, the Naugha is generally found with thick moss growing on its skin which it will cultivate. Wild Naugha is often confused with a moss covered rock by the uninitiated.
    The Naugha is a reclusive creature, that has not been adequately studied in its natural environment due to inaccessibility to the natural ecosystem.

    One Naugha's hyde will, when stretched cover a single bicycle seat.

    You might try vinyl conditioner to help your problem with cracking.

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    I think that's the funniest thing I've read all week. Thanks

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    If its cracking its too late.

    Other than another saddle of the same type, you could possibly recover it.

    Some saddles with vinyl covers were just thermo formed then secured over a base and various foam pcs.

    Some have a layer of foam bonded to the vinyl cover then formed and wraped over the saddle.

    Look underneath and examine how your saddle is constructed, if with staples and some glue there is hope.

    A dart will most likely need to be sewn at the front to make vinyl or leather work.

    Done both, but some were not worth the time investment, search ebay first.

    A cobbler and or an upholstery shop might have material rems and glue you need, and be able to sew the dart.

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    +1 Take it to a shoe repair or upholstery shop, and have them recover it.

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