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    wanted tandem crankset 1 peice

    searching for a set of 1 peice cranksets and single and doupble sprocket for a tandem schwinn or huffy or somthing like that, single speed, and also the adjusting sprocket for the chain tension on the front chain? have an old tandem frame that am putting back together and need the cranksets? also searching for parts for a skiptooth tandem front crank hub. has the cam chain tensioner setup in it. need the bearing nut for the left side of the hub. the one i have is broken apart.

    Thanks Peeps.

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    Welcome to the Tanden sub forum. Most of the riders hanging out here ride mid-range to upper-range modern tandems, thus the lack of response.

    Ebay is place to find a one piece tandem crankset. I'd also keep an eye on your local Craig's List for another old tandem to grab parts from, including the bearings and cups in the bottom bracket (BB).

    Another option is to convert the BB to accept a three piece crankset. This is done using an adapter and new cartridge BB. It's not inexpensive (about $50 per BB + the cost of the cranksets).

    Is this the tension wheel you need?

    When you say front hub, are you referring to the BB or the front wheel? A picture of the nut you are looking for helps with the I.D. I believe you need something for your BB or crank? Pictures of the entire bike would be helpful.

    Best of luck and keep the questions and pictures flowing.
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    This is the right forum, tandem forum is mostly peeps with the fancy new stuff.

    Niagara has a 3 piece conversion BB on sale for $9 right now that fits the one piece BB. I think it would work with a double. Normal price is still not that bad at like $15 to $20 per. I'm not sure what thread it converts to, as it doesn't say. I'm hoping standard english threads. Reason I scoped it out is I'm going to order one for our tandem and try to put a freewheel BB on for the stoker...

    Or if you don't mind the weight, they should carry the original style OPC stuff too. But it will probably work out about the same price, or might be even more $ so you may as well convert. More crank options if you convert.


    Ah, it says its for bmx so I'm not sure if it would work with a double after all.. but I ordered one. I'll find out.
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