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    Took the too tall PSV out - chain issue?

    My dad gave me his 1984 Peugeot PSV10 last fall and my intention was to use it for wall art because it's way to tall for me at 60 cm. My brother has my 52 cm PSV10 so I bide my time. Anyway, I had had enough of looking at the PSV on the wall and decided to go ride it this afternoon for a few miles to see how it felt.

    Great, responsive ride. The drivetrain is original except the 13-21 helicomatic rear was replaced with a 14-28 helicomatic. I know this gearing works because my dad rode it for quite a few years.

    I haven't gotten into a lot of the maintenance on my other bikes because there's nothing to deal with right now - they are all working great. As I shifted into the large chainring I noticed the pulleys were pulled way forward on the rear derailleur. I'm assuming this is a sign of a chain that's too short. The other problem is shifting from the 20 to 24 cog in the rear. The chain seems to hang up and pulls the rear derailleur way up. The alignment on the derailleur seems ok and the shifting in the 42T chainring was fine - it was just in the 52T where the problem surfaced.

    I pedaled forward and backward very slowly and didn't see any tight links on the chain - so what am I missing? Is it just a chain length issue?

    Photos - 1st shows the derailleur position in the 52-20, 2nd the alignment from the rear in the 52-20 and finally the 3rd shows the derailleur locked up while trying to go to the 52-24.
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    Chain is way too short. There are several chain length calculators on the net. Some just put the chain on the two big rings (not through the rear derailleur) and use that.
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    1. Put the chain in the small small combination and add links until it sags or rubs on the rear derailleur jockey wheel cage.

    2. Remove 1 link at a time until sag is gone or its not rubbing on the derailleur pulley cage.
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