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    BATAVUS "inter cycles" Sprint

    Hello people, i've found this place through extensive searching on google for this bike i've acquired
    I'm in holland and can;t even find any info here so i'm hoping for someones expertise here will help me with a couple of things.
    I'm wanting to completely restore it to its original glory.
    its not too bad looking, i dont have any photo's at present but i will take some pictures of it tomorrow, it's stripped down now but i'll get pictures that will give you a good idea of the thing i got.
    its 5 speed, it has bronze wingnuts on both axles. It's gold in color and its paintwork is original and all the transfers are still on there. the serial number 8136933 is on a plate to which the rear brake attaches.
    I want to find out about getting a new set of transfers for it because i want to repaint it and could use some help in tracking down somewhere that i could get these.
    Also i'd like to know a date for it, i think its from 1978 because the rear reflector has a date clock on it which reads february 1978..... indeed the reflector could have been replaced at some point but i dunno. After reading another thread on this forum i find that the first number of the serial number is the year of build if i'm not mistaken.
    if anyone can help me with this i'd appreciate it forever because the bike was my wifes fathers until he died. it got given away and dumped at a bus stop here in holland... the police called to tell us they had got it so it's special just in the fact that its back in the family.
    thanks for anyone who takes the time to read this. Best regards
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    I can find 2 different types of Batavus Sprint bikes. One looks like the typical
    mid level race bike with relaxed geometry.
    The other which is I believe what you have more of a city bike. upright bars up front,
    fenders, rear rack and 10 speed. I found a few of these on Marktplaats.
    Pictures would be good.
    You can also contact Batavus to see if they can provide any more information
    about your bike.

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