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    What year is this Western Flyer?

    I bought a bunch of old road bikes from a guy and saw this sitting in his neighbor's back yard. After knocking on their door and nearly getting eaten by their Pit Bull, I managed to get the bike for $5. I'm not entirely sure it's a Western Flyer because the name is worn off. But I can still see a "We" at the beginning, and I can't think of any other bikes that start with that.

    I've got it lined up to be painted next week, but I'm just wondering what year it is. If I had to guess I'd say early 70s maybe late 60s, but it could be older or newer. Regardless, after I get done with it it'll be much better than it is now.

    Also, are those stars in the crank original? If so I'll keep them, but if they're not original I think I'll put them on another bike.
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