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Thread: What izzit?

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    What izzit?

    I bought this thing at a swap meet today for five bucks. Problem is, I don't know exactly what it is, although it has been suggested that it may have been manufactured by Raleigh. Anyone recognize it> Thanks.....

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    Found this on the 'net:

    A. Most of the English biked from the '60s were made by the Raleigh factory
    of Nottingham, the same way most American bikes of the '60 were made by
    Schwinn or Huffy (even if they were sold under another brand name like
    Robin Hood or Sears, respectively). If the bike has a triple square
    bead running down the center and sides of the fenders (properly called
    mudguards); if the edges of the fenders are crimped all the way around;
    and if it has a bump or nose on the front fender with a chrome cap, then
    it was made by Raleigh. Raleigh usually stamped a serial number under
    the seat on the seat lug.

    Off like a flock of turtles,

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    Q. johnpaul wrote:
    > While driving past St. Louis Bertrand church in Old Louisville yesterday
    > I found what looked like an old, stolen and abandoned bike lying on the
    > sidewalk. I brought the orphan home with me, but can't seem to find any
    > information about it's maker and thought maybe someone here could give
    > me a clue.
    > It is a Roddy. Solid black in color, english commuter style, enclosed
    > chain, single speed, coaster brake, probably from the 60s. It was a
    > plain, but beautiful bike, in it's day and might ride again, someday,
    > with a lot of work.
    > Ever heard of a Roddy?
    > johnpaul~

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    I'm not sure what you've got there, but it looks like it is or could be a nice ride.
    1993 Specialized Globe 7 - main commuter, love this bike!!!
    1965-ish Firestone 3spd hunk of misc parts - winter beater
    1971 Jeunet - single speed French monstrosity
    1973 John Deere 3spd - family ride

    Virginia Tech Hokie for life!

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