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    Anything special about a Suntour U?

    I picked up a Huffy "The Wind" at a garage sale a short while back and am about to offer it up locally but before I do I was wondering if there was anything special about the suntour derailers. This huffy is pretty interesting in that it has a chrome fork, so fancy, and then you look at the bottom bracket and crank and realize that 'the wind' is nothing more than hot air.

    The Suntour U looks to be in pretty good shape and I could just pull a falcon and a lesser(plastic/stamped) setup off of one of the other department store bikes but I kinda doubt it's really worth my while. I'm not going to be kicking myself for not hording or ebaying this deraileur am I? I also have a suntour V GT off a Kenko Storm in good shape, so it's not like I need an extra.

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    What about the Suntour levers and any cable clamps? DT levers have some value if they are all metal (stem shifters are cheap).

    I keep anything Suntour and would use it as a way to get rid of some other "stuff". All the little parts can add up.

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