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    Schwinn PDG Aluminum 684 or 564

    Hello all, first post here. I've recently gotten back into cycling since my late 90's mountain biking romps and have found a fine love for roadbiking. Especially older roadbikes after obtaining a '78 Schwinn LeTour III and a mid eighties Puch 190 (any info anyone has about this one would be appreciated!)

    Anyways, I was hoping someone could offer some insight on a Schwinn Paramount Design Group Aluminum series bike that is being offered on my local CL. Seen here

    Without speaking yet to the seller, seems to be either an '89 564 or a '90 684. Catalogue info here...


    So far, I have found a ton of info about how Schwinn produced these in the Paramount factory in order to sell them under the legendary "paramount" designation as Paramount Design Group, but have not been able to find any information on value. Since seeing one of these online I have really taken a liking to the style and acclaim, however I feel like $700 is a steep price.

    Has anyone had any experience with these bikes? Are they worth $700? If not, what would one be worth?

    Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!

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    The late eighties/early nineties Schwinn Aluminums were designed by the Paramount Design Group, but were not made at the Paramount facility in Waterford (they were made at the Greenville, Mississippi plant), and were never marketed by Schwinn as Paramounts, although they are often advertised on the used market today as Paramounts.

    They never developed a following because of their harsh ride characteristics; they are bone rattlers. The ride characteristics can be mitigated somewhat by careful tire choices.

    On the used market they seldom sell for more than a couple of hundred dollars.
    - Stan
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    yea $700 is a complete rip off. You can get much nicer and better riding vintage bikes with a price like that. Plus they are not paramounts, nor were they ever marketed as such. PDG was just a label that schwinn used to slap on a lot of things including accessories. the 564 was the lowest end of the batch of aluminum schwinn pdgs. it only has exage components which is equal to modern day tiagra (one notch above the bottom of the line components). They don't shift very well and the rear hub is uniglide, which has been out of production for quite some time now. So if you ever wear out your cassette, you will have to upgrade your rear wheel to something with a hyperglide. I would recommend something else if you are willing to spend $700. The schwinn is worth $150 at best nowadays. It a nice bike but not $700 nice. I had one before and sold it just recently.

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