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    How to date a Vittoria Corsa tire and how to preserve them?

    I've got a set of Vittoria Corsa CX tires that came on a pair of track wheels (Mavic Monthelery Route rims 36H laced to Campy Record high flange track hubs). The wheels are from the 80's I believe and the tires may be too.

    They are gum wall, and have the Vittoria logo in green on a white background with "Corsa CX" in red next to it. Then there is "SERVIZIO CORSE" in white further down the side of the tread.

    Someone in another thread said these might be collectible, so maybe I should save them and swap them out for something else for daily riding.

    Also, the finish on the sidewalls is dried out and flaking off. Is there anything I should to do treat the tires or help to preserve them? They don't hold full pressure overnight, but are otherwise in good shape and ride like a dream.
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    Liquid latex / Jevelot

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    I was going to ask almost this exact question. I've seen Tire Life recommended for tubulars - does it work with clinchers as well?

    (I don't see why it wouldn't but it seems to be marketed toward tubulars)

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