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    paint suggestion

    I got a ascenta a bit back and painted the fork cause it was all messed up and the previous owner sanded down some of the frame quite a bit. He game me some paint that si close but not that good of a match. should i just paint ti somethign clsoe to orig color or maybe strip the top part down thats sanded and make it white?

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    Prime the bare spots and forks, and try to lay a coat or two of closely matching auto touch-up paint over it. You may need to de-gloss the paint you are spraying over with with fine steel wool first. Try to avoid overspray on the decals. You can then hit it with the best quality, compatable clear coat you can get. Better than spending over $100 to have it repainted. You can experiment with it a bit. Use light, evenly laid down applications. Watch out for paint runs, which you can catch with a finger tip. If it isn't right, wait until it dries then sand it and respray it.

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