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    Steel Lemond Reno with RSX advice needed

    So, she who must be obeyed is wanting a bike with a better fit. Fitting a spouse is not an easy process. The 51 cm Medici was the first attempt but now that is too small. A steal of a 54 cm Bianchi with Campy Veloce was too big. Now we have found a 1997 all Steel Lemond Reno in 53 cm which she likes. Maybe a minor stem change. Yea....I think.

    My fear....Shimano 7 spd RSX brifters. UGH! Ok, how can a brifter fitted bike be in Vintage? Well, the other forums are past 1997 gear so I figured there were some tinkers like me in here that might have some wisdom. My fear, 3 months from now it will be time for new spendy brifters...7 speed are no longer available...have to upgrade to 9-8 rear hub....the beat goes on. A classic case of shipfitters desease.

    But, I am inclined to buy it for $300. It works fine and given that it still has the orignal toe clips and reflectors on it I would say it has been used very little and should have many miles in it before she needs an upgrade. She is a very serious marathon runner looking to do more triathlons and this would be for training. Interestingly some guy is selling working RSX brifters for over $100 on ebay which seems shocking. Guess if they still work they have value.

    Thoughts, ideas, experiences please.

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    Good deal, nice bike. Buy it.
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    I agree with bigbossman. I'd buy that bike in a heartbeat.

    7-sp RSX brifters are excellent. I've had 3 sets and would like a couple more. Just my experience.
    1) They can nearly instantly make a great 7-sp downtube shifting bike a great STI bike and triple the market for it, if selling.
    2) They can be re-lubed and serviced, albeit limited. Most 8-sp STI's of the era can't.
    3) They polish up quite well.
    4) The 7-sp freewheels are extremely reasonable to replace.
    5) It's not about how many speeds, it's about what range those speeds are in. 7-sp freewheels generally have a nice spread of cogs.
    6) They're bringing over $100 becuse of 1) to 5) It's normal.

    In my niche, the 7-sp RSX STI system is perfect for 6 & 7 speed C&V bikes you want to upgrade. I've done this, with RSX STI, to two Centurion Ironman bikes and one Centurion Turbo. The results were smooth shifting, tight riding steel lugged bikes with convenient STI shifting.

    I was also a serious marathon runner, so maybe it's karmatic coincidentic.

    I hope this may have served somewhat to allay your aforementioned fears. (Holy Cow, I'm writing like A. Winthrop, almost).
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