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    1972-73 Raleigh Road America?

    Up for sale on the Detroit Craigslist has popped an interesting bike. I've never heard of it before and it appears to be a limited production model. I've poked around the web a bit and can't find anything on this bike. Anyone on here have knowledge of this bike?

    Unfortunately, the picture in the ad is quite small. But, the asking price isn't small. $3200. Way, way out of my budget.

    A very rare bicycle (only 300 made) build for profesional competition by the Raleigh custom shop. Available by special order for club riders.
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    Raleigh RRA

    I bought one when I was working in a Raleigh shop in 1974..I raced for three years on it,finally as a cat.2.
    It wasn't in any Raleigh brochures,but I'd don't think it was a limited production bike. It was nice,and I have fond memories,but it really wasn't anything special. It had Campy Gran Sport (thinner)dropouts,for example.
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    I believe that would be Raleigh Record Ace. That is why you could not find anything about it. Sheldon's page on RRAs

    Grossly overpriced, not made for "professional competition", and certainly more than 300 produced. That said, for the right price, I would love to have one. Wonder if found one it would have a Brooks Pro Seet? [sic]
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