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    Ok I need some help with this frame I have been ride now for a bit. I got it from a co-op and it was hanging out back and just the right size for me. So I grabbed it and built it up and have been riding/loving it. But I have had a few people telling me different stories on the frame. One person told me it is a handmade Moulden frame; another said it was a Proctor frame. There are no decals on the frame just a Reynolds 531 on the seat tube.

    The frame has nuvex lugs from what I can tell. Also there is no braze-ons on the frame. The bad part of it is that the hanger was cut off the frame, then it was re-painted.

    On the bottom bracket there is a stamp of 72I I believe it looks like an I and not a 1.

    If anyone has any suggestion as to where to go or who to contact about finding out more about the frame and/or getting new decals made for it that would be so helpful

    And sorry for the super crappy cell phone pictures. I will try for better ones soon.
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