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    My $50 Raleigh Rampar

    Hello everybody! I just wanted to share with everybody that I have just purchased a very cool Raleigh Rampar off Craigslist for only $50! Well, at least I think it is a Rampar. It does not have the horizontal dropouts like the other Rampars I have seen. Here is a picture of it:

    The wheels are mismatched, but seem to be original. They are both Magnesium Alloy. The rear is a Lester coaster brake, and I am not too sure what the front one is...most of the paint has been stripped (appears to have been red) and there are no markings. Here is a picture of the front wheel:

    The front wheel has 6 spokes and is hallow between each spoke. The rear Lester has 5 spokes and is solid. Here is the rear wheel:

    Can anybody help me identify the frame and front wheel please? Is the front wheel supposed to be different from the rear?


    I have just found something! It says "ACS MX ALLOY" just under the braking wall. After that are some numbers: 07 792

    What do those numbers mean?
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