Thanks for all the advise. My husband reminded me how many of you are proably hard-core forum users and that I need to reply! My husband is a hard-core surf forum user (Swaylocks...if you are interested) Anyway, this is my game plan so far: What do you think?

Step 1: I went to library and got bike maintence books for reference.

Step 2: Will Strip bike(This will be challenging)

Step 3: Check frame for any structural damages and rust. (may need to bring into my bike mechanic for this)

*I think the original finish is shot and it will need to be repainted.

Step 3: If the frame is okay then I am going to treat the rust before I consider how to paint it. The bike shop had nothing for rust. Does that sound unusual? I may have to go to Auckland. Waxoyl? or J.P. Weigle's Framesaver?

Step 4: Paint: either powder coating (local bike shop advised to go to a panelbeater to get this done) or paint myself.

That is all I have planned so far.

I have taken some pictures for you all but i'm not too good on a PC and have not a clue how to enter my URL of my image. Sorry. If anyone can help that would be great. I'm a bit embarrassed by its condition! Anyway, I need some basic tools to work with and I thought I would have my husband build a bike stand(on the cheap). We have allen wrenchs, screw drivers, etc. but not any proper "bike tools". Thanks for everything. I'll enjoy keeping you updated. Cheers, Gretchen