I've been fixing up the old Headbadge website over the week (figured that I might as well fix all the bugs of the original format if I am to put any effort into updating the technical information on it), and finally got around to re-organizing the catalog scans page:


I've added links to catalogs off-site, plus those originally on my server, though I see that I'm still plagued with a few gaps (and links to incomplete scans).

1971, '72, and '73 stick out in particular - I realize that truncated versions of these exist on the http://www.bulgier.net/pics/bike/Cat...etro-Raleighs/ server, but I'm not particularly content with these. Considerably more exists to these catalogs, and those pages deserve to be published - 3-speeds, kiddie bikes, the works.

Anyone have copies they'd be willing to scan?