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Thread: Old fuji

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    Old fuji

    I have a Fuji. I'm guessing from the 70's but I can't for some odd reason find any bottom brackets that will fit it. either a size to big or a size to small. I'm looking for a 125.6 or can I go 125 or 126 on it? All I can find is 24 to 26. I dont want mess anything up! can anybody help lead me in the right direction and where I can find a bottom bracket for it or if there is anything else I can do?

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    Go to the vintage Fuji site and you should be able to tell exactly what year you have.

    Your description on sizing makes no sense to me. What does not fit? The bottom bracket cups? Take the original parts to a local shop and they can get you squared away for not much. Old bottom brackets are often very servicable, a little cleanup and new bearings and they are good to go.

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    It sounds like the OP talking about the spindle length. It's too short to be cottered, so I'm assuming it is cotterless, and probably Maxy-style, with the studs in the ends. 125.6mm sounds like the length, less the studs, but that's not a standard length. There was a 124.5 (model 3S) and 127 (model 3Y). I suspect it is the 3S. It should be stamped on the spindle. If the cups are in good shape, Maxy-style spindles are still relatively easy to obtain.

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