Hi everyone,
New to the forum and bicycles and in just a little over my head.

Wanted to start riding to work so I went on Ebay and paid $350 for an '80's vintage Gazelle framed(AA special), 531 Reynolds, racing bicycle with 27" wheels(14 speed, Suntour components), 28-630 tires. I added Planet bike fenders and a Slipstreamer DLX back rack even though the frame has NO braze ons to work with. The bike is fun to ride, feels light and has a little jump.

I got everything to fit and be solid but there is very minimal clearance between the tires and the fenders which are tight under the brake bridges. The frame is 58", wheelbase is 95 inches. My ride to work is 6-8 miles of city streets and sometimes hard packed bike paths).

The tires on the wheels are Kenda gumwalls, 28-630 and they look tired out, the gumwall is hard. I tried replacing the Kenda's with Panaracer 27X1 1/8" tires but they had too much height and rubbed on the inner wall of the fender so much so that the wheels would not turn...not good.

Can someone suggest a low profile 28-630 tire for replacement. I'm not sure Kenda make a gumwall any more. It isn't on their website.