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    Schwinn Collegiate Sizes


    I had a Schwinn Collegiate 5-speed when I was a boy, and I have a lead on one now that I'm considering. I asked what size the bike is, and the seller emailed me back that it's 30" from the ground to the top of the top tube. I'm going to guess that's about a 21" frame; my Raleigh 3-speed that I ride is a 23" frame. I'm around 5'10"-5'11".

    What sizes did the Collegiate come in? I'd guess the one I had as a boy was small, 17" or so (It had a camelback top tube). Did it come in a 23" frame? I'm trying to decide whether or not to drive and look at this bike or not, or if I should hold out for a bigger one.

    Granted, I don't need another bike, but this one looks very nice in the pictures and the price is nice.

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    Here's the 1973 Collegiate catalog page with frame sizes.

    - Stan
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