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    WTB some stuff for my peugeot

    Basically seat, bars and stem. I searched the for sale and didnt find anything so...

    Id like a turbo saddle so that narrows it down.

    The bars however Im not sure what I want, suggestion s might be nice, something vintage looking. And as for the stem...Im not sure how theyre sized but if theres a stem that would lower the bars closer to the frame...thats the one Id want.

    The bars and stem on the bike now are ritchey and are comfey but not period correct...and it bothers the hell out of me.

    I dont have alot to spend but will entertain anything anyones selling. Thanks ahead of time for any offers.

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    I have an alloy Peugeot drop bar, with the lion engraved on one side and the Peugeot crest on the other side. I'd be open to trade, so PM me. The stem was/is a CTA, if that helps. I can probably trade that, too.

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