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    Shimano 600 brake calipers vs. Ultegra 6600: Difference?

    I'm considering whether to replace Shimano 600 brakes with a set of Ultegra 6600 brakes. What is the difference between the two - they look so similar except for the color. Thanks.
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    Depends on whether you're comparing them to 6500 or 6400 models. My understanding that the major difference over the 6500 is increased shoe life and an easier toe-in process using a convex washer similar to ATB V-brakes. Over the 6400, there's also a weight reduction of about 30g.

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    The 600 calipers also went back to the 6207 model, pre-Ultegra and pre-EX. Which ones are we talking about? and what length? My 6207's have old-school rubber with holder shoes that are very squishy and lack response, compared to Campy NR, Kool Stop Red and Kool Stop Black. Toe-ing is a matter of careful bending.

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    My opinion only, ranked from top to bottom, of actual sets I have/had:

    1-6500, nicely finished dual-pivot calipers with a smooth pull and even, consistent performance.
    2-600 "tricolor" double pivots, about the same, maybe a little heavier.
    3-105 single-pivot, polished. Toss on some decent Jagwire pads, and they're my best lightweights.
    3a-DA 7400, with modern pads. Light like the 105's, well polished and reliable.
    4-600 "tricolor" single pivot. A lot like the 105's, but dark anodized. Same deal, get better pads.

    BIG GAP (I have new Chorus, new Veloce, DiaCompe BRS 200, BRS "Blaze," and Universal AER, all of which are better calipers, in my experience, than the 600EX. They're not ranked with the above because the thread is about those models)

    15-600EX in polished or bronze. They look good, stop OK, but their QR's aren't that great and they don't work all that well with modern pads, which I use. The polished ones can look great with a chrome-accented bike, the bronze kind of need to be with the rest of a 600EX group.

    My 2 cents worth, and I probably owe you change, at that...

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