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    (small) Miracles do happen

    I have been reunited with a frameset I gave away and never expected to see again: a Nishiki Superbe (I think) that was too small for me and I gave it to a guy for his daughter to ride, offering that I'd swap all the parts from her way-too-big Japanese Bianchi to this Nishiki for free. He never got back to me, and the swap never happened...I figured it was a write-off, but I was chagrined when I saw pics of a really nice Nishiki restoration in this forum and thought about the "one that got away".
    Today, I happened on a garage sale and...there's the guy...there's my frame, untouched...and he's got a bunch of other bikes and parts for sale. he gave me the frame back (free) and a pretty good deal on some wheels to boot.
    Now I'm going to need T-Mar's help in figuring out just what model this actually is...I'll get some pics and the serial number up in a day or 2...what surprises me is that it has 120mm (5-spd.) rear spacing!
    And it has suffered 2 bad rattle-can paint jobs, one was mine.

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    Good for you. I haven't been so lucky, my lenders and "gifts" mysteriously vanish.
    A thread here can help you break the # as well. T-Mar with the contributions of members has it down quite well.

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