This has been my week for bargains; first that '68 Motobecane fell into my lap, and now this. I'd been looking for a 3-speed comfort bike for my wife, and a couple days ago we had dinner with her older sister and her husband. They're in the process of cleaning out their house in preparation for a move and knew I was a bike tinker. They said "There's a couple old Raleighs up in the garage attic; why don't you come get them?"

Well, one turned out to be an old Sport basket case but the other, hanging unmolested from the rafters since 1971, was a ladies' Superb. Coffee brown, matching rear carrier, brown Brooks saddle, dyno light set (not a dynohub, unfortunately), original Dunlop White Sprite tires; they even had the tire pump. A couple hours of soap, water, and elbow grease and the wife was riding around the parking lot in the dark, headlamp ablaze. It looks like a year-old bike, which in essence it is. Just when I was convinced my old Moto was the prettiest bike in the world, it got dethroned by the Queen Mum.

As with my old Motobecane, we're gonna keep it, but I'm curious about its potential value. Also, the only thing that hadn't stood the test of time well is the handlegrips -- they've split down the seams. Are original-style grips still available?