I just recently inherited a vintage Bike Buggy from my father and I'm looking for a part. Before my parents had children and father was forced to get a "real Job" he used to race regularly. They didn't have a baby sitter so he pulled my brother and I in a second-hand connondale bike buggy when he went out riding. It is an open black-plastic buggy that looks like a rickshaw. We did 100 or more miles at a time. I remember whole days going from city to city here in the southwest being pulled in that buggy. We put on our hats, packed our lunches and stopped for frequent potty breaks. My father even pulled us in a race in Bisbee, Arizona because he had to (My mom couldn't watch us because she was recovering from the birth of my younger brother) in 1976, I think that was the last time he raced. I was four.

After making the rounds through the family this buggy has returned to me and I have begun to pull my kids in it, but the plastic piece that connects the buggy to the bike gave way this morning. I'm looking to find a new one, or someone that can fabricate one. Alot of really happy childhood memories are entwined with this buggy and I don't want to lose it to age. Any help out there?