I recently purchased a used bike at an old farm house in central IL. It's a pretty neat little bike but I know very little about it. It's a three speed and it's decals say "Torino Super Klass", it has a three piece crank made by Thon / Thompson??, the rear hub has markings either engraved or stamped that say "Sachs, Torpedo Dreigang" and the number "36". The tires are made in Poland, the bike weighs next to nothing and it's just sweet to ride. I'm just curious to find out more about it, to see if I can locate another one in a mens style. Today was the first time I ever encountered this web page and I became very excited being that I found a "community" for bike enthusiasts, which I have been for many, many years. I have a picture I took with my digital camera, but am unsure how to display it here. Any help or info would be greatly appreciated, Thankyou