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    Bicycle Parts Identification and Value Help Please

    Hi, I'm back.

    As previously mentioned my uncle died a couple of years ago and he, while not a collector, certainly liked bikes and accumulated parts. I have opened a second box and, as usual have no idea what they are or if they have any value. Here goes with pictures and a list and I am hoping someone can provide some information:

    Brooks Seat

    Very large - I would almost think it was a motorcycle seat. It has a Brooks tag across the back with Brooks _end (maybe on the side also maybe B9e

    2nd seat is unmarked but that part that clamps to the seat post has Made in Canada Pat Pending.

    Hub Crabbe 40 Made in England BR 46 5

    Reflector - Phillips (dome shaped) - old
    Reflector BiA - 104 Cateye - not so old

    Generator - Balaco Record
    Generator - Miller

    4 seat posts unmarked

    This thing which looks like brake pads. It looks like it is the inside of a the crabbe hub but it is unmarked.

    BSA Sprocket

    CCM sproket, crank and pedal arms (complete)

    light - unmarked

    2 Lucifer Geneve Suisse lights

    One of the sets of handgrips has rocketships on them if that is useful.

    I didn't have my camera today where I am storing the material but wonder if someone could comment: on of the bikes which is almost complete is a Massey (a precursor to Massey Fergeson?) with frame, wheels and fenders.

    Thanks for your help.
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    Your Brooks saddle looks like a varient of B33

    still stuck in the '80s; '70s were good as well, but i severely dislike tubulars.
    I tri...

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    I dunno, but that stuff is really old! The 46 5 marking on the hub could be a date, but I'd have guessed that stuff was from the 30's. Maybe leftover parts from a delivery bike or a roadster?

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