About a year ago I bought a 24" TT bike made of Columbus MS tubing, the frame is decaled with Colnago stickers. After contacting Colnago I was told they were not in fact his work. Then about 6 months ago my friend bought a matching Track Bike made of SLX Tubing labelled Miele. This proved to be a lead but since Miele is dead and never made super high end bikes I was disheartened. Then finally 2 months ago I found another Track bike in the same colour as the the two but labelled Colnago again. They are all lugless (TIG welded?), italian threaded and have the same BB gusset and signature. The Track bikes take 650's while the TT takes a 24". I would like to find out who made these bad-boys and from around when they were made. If any one can help me out it would be much appreciated.

Some pics:

24 TT - http://velospace.org/node/19994

My Track - http://velospace.org/node/30421 - 4 pic = singature on all 3

Friends Track - http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_azSpIfwIB3.../Picture+1.jpg

Any Info is appreciated.