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    Returning to the search after hiatus

    Well, long story short I got busy with other things in general and bike riding fell by the wayside. Now I've decided I REALLY need to get a good road bike (esp now that I've moved out of the city), but as usual, the old wallet is pretty thin.

    As I griped about way back last year this area seems to have VERY little to offer. I've even put a down payment (out of desperation?) on a 2011 Specialized Allez Double Steel (okay bike I'm sure, but nothing like what I COULD get for the money).

    I've found a Schwinn Paramount Series 5 PDG in the Bay Area (Benicia to be exact, it's in the "are you looking" thread) but the seller won't ship. I have a cousin in San Jose who can go pick it up in about 10 days, but he's got no idea how to pack/ship. Are there any bike shops in the East Bay Area that can pack (and for that matter, ship)?

    I've trolled CL, ebay, and jaxed for the past week to the point I'm sick and tired of it...more accurately, sick and tired of seeing good bikes 500-1000 miles away somewhere and crappy department store junk here. Seen a FEW interesting ads in Springfield CL and emailed, even texted but no replies.

    Oh, and would the buyer of THIS lovely Super Course (it was on CL in suburban Boston last year for $600, wish I had bought it somehow) please step forward? I want your bike

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    You could probably find a sweet bike on ebay for less than the allez, although imo the allez is better than most vintage bikes that cost less, barring random good deals (in which case the bike is rarely ready to ride anyway)

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