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    Identifying a vintage peugeot ~1989


    I'm looking for a hand identifying a vintage peugeot (see attached photos), I have been to all the sites i can find through google and have come back empty handed. the frame number has not narrowed it down either as it does not match the listed data.

    i have guessed the date based on the suntour accushift ole components which i think began production around 1989. Full spec as follows:

    Frame Tange 2 Chro mo hand braised, rainbow stripe detail with checkerboard on downtube, bike name 'mirage'
    Kusuki winpista handle bars
    Suntour Ole front and rear mech with a sugino front crankset
    Strong seat post
    Mavic rims

    The tange tubing has thrown me a little as i though peugeot only used Reynolds, Carbolite or HLE (peugeots own brand).

    Any help appreciated, it's a lovely bike and trying to decide whether to keep or pass on.
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