I just recently got my hands on this one a batavus champion 2000 with shimi exage 300 EX group all around (can't say about the hubs as there is only a number and no name on it) and weinman brake-handles and it's a (7) 14 speed.

It must be a 90's bike due to the group age, but i can't find one spot of info anywhere about this bike.

There are eyelets on reardropouts and forks so it must be a entry level bike wich is ok for me. The frame doesn't have any sportsbike brazeones so maybe it could also have been a randonneur or something.

I plan on restoring it in a really nice painscheme and keep the group as it is.

I would like to know more especially the year this one came out of the factory.

Also i can't find any #'s at least not on the bb or it must be under the cableguide.

Any help would be really appreciated.