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    Samir Saminox wheels?

    I have a set of Samir Saminox wheels that were thrown in with a Follis 072 purchase. They looked pretty grim so I hung them up and ignored them for a couple weeks. Yesterday afternoon, though, I got industrious and began to clean them up. Turns out there's a lot of nice, shiny stuff underneath the crapola, along with an etched checkerboard pattern on the sides of the rims. The name "Samir Saminox" is also etched into the rim along with a "Made in France" designation. They're for 27 x 1 1/4 tires. They appear to be steel with a chrome coating, but I can't find out much about them other than that. Anyone know anything about these wheels or this maker? They're actually kind of cool looking and I may wind up using them on the Follis after all.

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    I have similar 27" Samir Samonix rims. Mine look great and include an S stamped into the rim which is extremely similar to the Schwinn S. My best guess is they were a supplier for french made bikes. They look great and stay straight. nothing on the net about Samir Samonix tho

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