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    Have to sell some bikes. No idea what they're worth.

    I think I've read something once about an appraisal thread. I don't see one. If this should be somewhere else, sorry. After picking up 2 bikes yesterday, I was chatting with the g/f and, as I'm sure many of us do, I do indeed have too many bikes that I don't ride considering the fact that we live in an apartment. I'm getting rid of 5. One Motobecane being sold to a friend already. The others are...

    A 1953 Schwinn. Kinda rough shape, some decent rust in a couple spots. It's got the chain guard, fenders, and original bars if that matters. It's been repainted at some point, but between serial number and pics you can tell it is a 53' Schwinn.

    A Bridgestone 300 Sport Touring. New tires, cables, Bontrager saddle, fresh tune up. Nice bike.

    And a Schwinn World. Not sure of the year. It's a black 12 speed with aluminum wheels. Everything works just fine as it should, shifts and stops well. New bar tape.

    A 73' Sears Free Spirit 3 speed, fenders, spring seat, etc. Tuned up great, but I realize it's a big heavy cheap vintage cruiser.

    Any ideas as to what I should sell these for? Thanks.

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    Got pics?

    Around here,
    $30-125 for the Free Spirit, depending on geek chic appeal. Some of those greasy college kids go nuts for certain Free Spirits.
    $200-400 for the Bridgestone depending on condition.
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    Pics and a location are necessary for any guess. Other than that, they are worth what someone will give you for them, or $3.50.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 3speed View Post
    I think I've read something once about an appraisal thread. I don't see one.
    The appraisal forum is here, under this forum on the main page. Please feel free to post it there.

    Thread closed.

    Thank you

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