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    The Diamondback is Back!! But...

    After some weeks poring over parts, straightening things (a laughably S-shaped wheel, mostly), and waiting for a 1" threaded carbon fork............the Diamondback is finally ridable again!

    1993 Diamondback Interval, for those curious; hit by a car while making a left through a protected left about 3 weeks ago and stored lonely and broken in my kitchen since.

    I didn't ask many questions (though I send thanks to responders to my fork thread) but I picked up lots of little things from the CVers and others on BF. Cycling is (more) fun again!

    So, question: the Interval rides better, handles better, and feels better than my (much adjusted) Denali so it will get way more play time...but is a bit too small. Is it in my best interest, since I aspire to do tris and long, fast rides on the better of my bikes, to keep this Interval or pass it along? The carbon fork, (generously donated) Specialized saddle, SPD-style clipless pedals are all non-original replacements for wreck-damaged goods; the wheels, Biopace chainrings, and a variety of decals were already non-original items. Keeper or keep searching?
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    The only Interval I've seen was nice but a little heavy. If you aspire to race, then a move up would probably be a good idea.

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